Nowadays companies based their policies on high efficiency and high quality with low costs. At UnitedWit Engineering we provide low cost labour and subcontracting for our customers.

Engineering drawings, Infrastructure drawings, GIS drawings, CAD drawings, convert from Analogue to Digital, everything related to global CAD drawings. According to the need and request of our contractors we also provide Panoramic 360 degree photos, and 3D Drawings.

We work as subcontractor for companies worldwide and provide services as drawing office. Our employees work as your employees, except it is with low budget and excellent quality. UnitedWÝt Engineering provides services for CAD, GIS and 3D services for national and international companies
Outsourcing your business to UnitedWit can enable you to:

- Improve your productivity
- Improve response times
- Fast, accurate drafting
- Save on training
- Save on infrastructure
- Access to expert engineer

Our experts are waiting for your call.

     Our services | What can we do for you?

Our drafters are experts in mechanical drafting and will deliver precise working detailed mechanical drawings based on your ideas, sketches, and specifications.

Our attention-to-detail and range of services set us apart from many of our competitors in the world in the area of Infrastructure drawing.

UnitedWit is renowned for its GIS services including asset management, drafting, digitising, data capture, quality control and data cleansing.

Our high speed internet connectivity and vast resource poll brings off-shore companies within practical reach and makes international communication a reality.

We can provide 3D drawings in a variety of formats to suit our customers needs. At UnitedWit we offer offering unparalleled standards of flexibility and service.

BIM is revolutionizing the construction industry. Revit has a lot to offer in terms of advantages. We can encapsulate entire life-cycle of a project by using Revit.
Added value through:

• Flexible organization "open minded" approach based on trust
• Excellence, knowledge and implementation of large / complex projects
• Experienced CAD drawers and engineers with several years of experience
• Strong external collaboration with local partners and university
• Fast up-scaling capabilities • Communication in Dutch, English or German
• High - award factor in our existing customers in Europe
• Good quality service at competitive prices

We also work as subcontractor for companies worldwide and give services as drawing Office. Our employees Works as their employees but for a low cost and great quality.


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